Our Company's Concept

  • · It is mail order WEB shop that brings roses to vintage models difficult to obtain from those of affordable price ranges of several ten thousand yen. Thanks to this site, we have 700 - 900 watch maniacs browsing this site every day.
  • · Osaka Nishinari-ku established 1920 established long-established quality pa. trust and the result of the establishument of a business for 1920. We deal only with "products that can be delivered with confidence".
  • · Rolex · Patek Philippe · Cartier · Omega etc, specialized in popular brand watches · jewelry · precious metal second hand goods, selling highly rare items and super luxury goods by cheap on their own route from all over the world.
  • · Shipping fee · Settlement fee · COD fee is all free. (Japan shipping only)
  • · Original warranty (If the item is not original, we will refund full amount) ※ It depends on our company regulations.
  • · We will announce you a new product release immediately when you are asked for a Facebook page.

Message from the President Kiyotaka Yoneda

Thank you for seeing the site.

Fourth generation of Yoneda Co., Ltd.
This is Kiyotaka Yoneda .

Rolex · Patek Phillip · Cartier · Omega etc.
We specialize in popular brand watches · jewels · precious metal used items,
We are selling low-priced products and ultra-luxury goods cheaply by our own route from all over the world.

At our company
“Deliver goods that you can purchase with confidence”

Thinking the most important thing,
We will deal with products We make strict examination criteria,

“Handle only products that can be delivered with confidence”

We observe the above policy.

In addition to purchasing your product,
We will deliver your safe items,
We would like to deliver impression and change in customer’s lives through its products.

I hope you find a favorite dish.
Please come and visit us once.

Representative Director Kiyotaka Yoneda

Introduction video(English)

We support online business negotiations.

Please see here first.

Is there something like this?

  • “Email is troublesome to exchange with images”
  • “It is difficult to understand the product contents only by telephone.”
  • “I would like to ask you about various products.”

We received these opinions and started an online business negotiation service.

1. Benefits of online negotiation service

The image of the net shop is lit for the display, but the actual texture is easy to understand with the WEB camera
Since we communicate directly with the representative, we will respond promptly such as assessment.
* Currently supported by LINE and ZOOM.

2. Voice of the person who actually used it

Mr. M who lives in Kanagawa prefecture
Mr. M who lives in Kanagawa prefecture
There were about 5 items such as a Rolex watch owned by his late father.
When I asked Mr. Yonedaya, he told me the rough estimate, but he said that he should send it first by paying the goods with an accurate assessment.

After shipping the payment, I communicated directly with Mr. Yoneda on Zoom and received an assessment response promptly.

Mr. H living in Hokkaido
I like vintage watches and found this by searching
I want to see some of the submariner lineups
I interacted with President Yoneda at ZOOM.
It is difficult to understand the status of the product by email or phone, but it is quick when online.
Moreover, it was good to get information on the world vintage market.

If you would like to have an online business negotiation, please indicate that you would like to have an online business negotiation on the inquiry form or purchase inquiry form.

Supports overseas shipping


Yonedaya also ships overseas.
Due to customs duties and toll collection, overseas shipments are made at Chrono24, the world market site for watches.
If you live overseas, please visit here.

Buying and Selling New and Used Watches-A Global Marketplace for Luxury Watches with Sellers from More Than 100 Countries

Access to Yonedaya

Disembark train at Dobutsuen-mae Station, Midosuji and Sakaisuji Lines, Osaka Municipal Subway

Go out Exit 2 of Dobutsuen-mae Station, turn right on Dobutsuen-mae Ichibangai shopping center, walk for about 10 minutes

through the shopping center, and you will find the store on your left.

Please use the map below to find your way from Namba Station on the Midosuji Line of the Osaka Municipal Subway.

(1) Board train at Namba Station, Midosuji Line, Osaka Municipal Subway.

(2) Disembark train at Dobutsuen-mae Station, Osaka Municipal Subway.
Go out Dobutsuen-mae Station Exit 2.

(3) Turn right into the Dobutsuemmae Ichibangai shopping center right outside the station.
Walk straight through the shopping center.

(4) The street turns into the Nibangai shopping center after about a 3-minute walk.
Continue walking straight through the shopping center.

(5) After another 3-minute walk, you will see “Super Tamade” on your right.
A further 3-minute walk from there will bring you to Yonedaya.

(6) Yonedaya at last!!!

Postal code557-0001
location21-12, Sanno, Nishinari-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
business hours10:00-19:00
Regular holiday2, 7, 12, 17, 22, and 27 every month

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